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Who are we?

Black Areca is a consulting firm for companies and investors that wish to be advised and supported in the development of their projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Black Areca adds its name to the list of the rare institutions specialised in Africa, which still suffers from the knowledge deficit of the North’s economic stakeholders. Home to more than a billion inhabitants, this continent records and enjoys remarkable assets that contribute to continuous notable growth rates. As such, Africa is now perceived as a powerful growth engine in a relatively bleak global economic environment.

Black Areca’s strength lies in the singular expertise of its teams, made up of Financiers and Consultants that are both experienced and recognized experts, especially in Africa. They are well acquainted with the values and cultures of the African markets. In this context, they have built over the years strategic local relationships and partnerships that are paramount to the success of your operations and investment projects.

Founding Partners

Black Areca was set up by two Founding Partners:

Saad Bennani Mohamed Bennani

Mohamed Bennani is the Chairman and founding partner of Black Areca. He has over 40 years of banking experience in Europe, Middle East, Morocco and Sub-Saharan Africa. He held numerous key management positions including: Chairman and CEO for the BANK OF AFRICA Group that operates in 15 African countries, Director and Chief Executive Officer of BMCE BANK, Managing Director of the BANQUE DE DEVELOPPEMENT DU MALI that he successfully restructured, Director and Chief Executive Officer of BMCE International that he funded in Madrid… Mohamed Bennani has won several awards for outstanding achievements. Among them are the Ouissam Achchoughl Addahabi of the Kingdom of Morocco, the National Order of the Republic of Mali and the National Order of Merit of the Republic of Congo.

Saad Bennani Saad Bennani

Saad Bennani is Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner of Black Areca. He is a former Strategy and Management Consultant with over 10 years of experience advising large Moroccan groups on transformational projects including: Establishment of a new bank, Merger of two credit institutions, Strategic repositioning of a reassurance company, Design and Implementation of the mandatory health insurance scheme… Saad’s natural entrepreneurship spirit and passion for Africa led him to play an instrumental role in co-founding, advising and supporting companies in their African expansion projects across sectors (Health, Agribusiness, Renewable Energies, Building and Public infrastructure projects).

In less than 10 years, the share of the private sector in the operation of container ports operation in Africa rose from 15% to 70%, with enormous investments as a consequence.
There are more households with annual incomes above 20,000 $/year in Africa than in India.
Africa’s total GDP today is as important as Brazil’s or Russia’s.
In 2050, 1/4th of the world population will be African, and the continent will have 2.5 billion of inhabitants.
In 2030, African cities will have more than 750 million inhabitants, more in fact than Europe’s population.
The mining sector does not represent more than 1/3rd of African GDP.
60% of the world reserve of cultivable land is on the African continent.
With more than 440 million inhabitants in 2050, Nigeria will undoubtedly be the 3rd most populated country in the world, before the US.