Our services

The services offered by Black Areca are built around advice, assistance and structuring of financial solutions. Our fully integrated offer is designed to meet the needs of investors, manufacturers and financiers who wish to develop/expand their commercial activity and/or their projects in Africa. Moreover, our platform focuses on making sure the best risk mitigation and funding optimisation solutions are captured.

Development of the commercial activity:

    1- Research of the best commercial partnerships, for exports as well as imports;
    2- Assistance in insuring risk coverage;
    3- Structuring trade-finance operations;
    4- Support in the participation of international bids including the issue of guarantees and finance 
    5- Representation of commercial and industrial companies.



    1- Identification of potential targets;
    2- Support in negotiations with assignees and potential partners;
    3- Coordination of due diligence and target evaluation;
    4- Preparation of the target’s acquisition offer;
    5- Advice in the financing of the operation.


1- Market survey;
2- Elaboration of the investment file;
3- Assistance in obtaining local authorisations;
4- Advice for the appropriate funding.


In less than 10 years, the share of the private sector in the operation of container ports operation in Africa rose from 15% to 70%, with enormous investments as a consequence.
There are more households with annual incomes above 20,000 $/year in Africa than in India.
Africa’s total GDP today is as important as Brazil’s or Russia’s.
In 2050, 1/4th of the world population will be African, and the continent will have 2.5 billion of inhabitants.
In 2030, African cities will have more than 750 million inhabitants, more in fact than Europe’s population.
The mining sector does not represent more than 1/3rd of African GDP.
60% of the world reserve of cultivable land is on the African continent.
With more than 440 million inhabitants in 2050, Nigeria will undoubtedly be the 3rd most populated country in the world, before the US.