Why Black Areca?

The African continent offers countless business opportunities to exporters and investors, both manufacturers and financiers – banks, insurance companies, investment funds… – with unrivalled margins and rates of return.

In order to succeed in this region, it is essential to know how to adapt to the specificities of each African market. Africa, like all other continents, is not homogenous and is home to as many different markets as there are African countries or even regions.

Funding optimisation and risk mitigation are two other key success factors especially in Africa.

Finally, the ability to locally implement a project, regardless of sector and size, contributes significantly to the success of business operations in the continent.

At Black Areca, we are fully aware of these stakes and we leverage on our experience, knowledge and cross-asset skills to make sure the projects are tailored to our client’s objectives whilst meeting both global and local considerations.

Thanks to our international and well as African experience in various sectors including but not limited to banking, industry and trading, we offer start-to-finish services to the standard of the best investment banks and the biggest consultancy firms: Strategy, Partnerships, Funding, Risk mitigation, Implementation.

Finally, our flexible structure and human scale company enables us to be particularly responsive and competitive.

In less than 10 years, the share of the private sector in the operation of container ports operation in Africa rose from 15% to 70%, with enormous investments as a consequence.
There are more households with annual incomes above 20,000 $/year in Africa than in India.
Africa’s total GDP today is as important as Brazil’s or Russia’s.
In 2050, 1/4th of the world population will be African, and the continent will have 2.5 billion of inhabitants.
In 2030, African cities will have more than 750 million inhabitants, more in fact than Europe’s population.
The mining sector does not represent more than 1/3rd of African GDP.
60% of the world reserve of cultivable land is on the African continent.
With more than 440 million inhabitants in 2050, Nigeria will undoubtedly be the 3rd most populated country in the world, before the US.